Nov. 14th, 2010

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Title: speaking a dead language
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6400 this chapter, ~12300 total
Genre: Angst/Supernatural
Series: Pokémon
Characters/Pairings: Green/Red, implied Ethan/Silver(/Lyra), Leaf, various others
Warnings: language, violence, additional warnings under the cut.
Summary: Sometimes, there are people you just can’t live without. For Green, Red is that person.
OMG GUISE I'M SO SORRY THIS IS INCREDIBLY LATE Q_Q Thanks to [ profile] wanderlark for the beta'ing even though she ended up holding the fic hostage too. I hope it's worth the wait (maybe?)

Also, I realized that maybe the story order is confusing, so I retroactively went back and relabeled all the scenes so you can get a feel for when they occurred relative to each other. You don't need to reread them unless if you want to since that's the only thing I changed, but that's why there are numbers now! I also created a timeline for you to look at, but I wouldn't suggest looking at it until after you finish reading since there are spoilers.

Lastly, here are some really tl;dr author's notes about the story if you care. Probably not. But I wrote them anyway.

Please enjoy!

Before Lance can say anything, Green digs through his pocket for his gym keys and chucks them at Lance's head. )
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Hey guys! So, I wasn't planning to compile meta on this fic, but after everything that happened, I felt like y'all deserve an explanation, at least about what happened after part two. I'm not trying to justify anything - the fic, of course, should stand on its own - but for those of you who are curious about how I go about planning stories, here it is.

Part 1: In which there is an explanation for the delay. )

Part 2: In which there is a timeline. )

Part 3: In which a story is compiled. )

I just hope that the last chapter managed to successfully address all open plots that people found "problematic" in the first and second parts. Sometimes a little patience is all you need!

I want to say thank you to everyone who stayed with me and enjoyed the story, even if you thought I was being a melodramatic brat. *laughs* And for those of you who didn't, I hope that your expectations and my storytelling may better coincide next time.


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