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50 word fics x 4 (Pokemon)

All for [livejournal.com profile] pokeprompts' 50/50 blitz challenge.

PG | 50 | Jun-->Hikari | romance, angst, idol!AU

Hikari's never seen the night sky from Mt. Coronet like Jun has, hasn't ever been so close to the stars.

Jun stares at his phone, finger on her speed-dial number. He wants to share this, but decides against it. How could he – when she's the farthest star from his reach?

PG | 50 | Misty-->Ash | angst

Misty likes nice things. She buys pretty dresses and smears on makeup – does everything she never got to do growing up.

Misty likes nice boys, too, but keeps that close to her heart. She doesn't even flinch when meeting Ash’s girlfriend - Misty's used to having nice things pass her up.

PG | 50 | Green/Red | romance

It isn't the best first date. It’s noisy and crowded, and there’re so many people they can’t even hold hands.

Red eyes the ferris wheel. Green shakes his head - not worth the risk. Red frowns.

But when no one’s looking, Green steals a kiss.

Maybe not that bad, Red decides.


ferris wheel inspiration.

PG | 50 | Pikachu/Eevee | humor

"What is that?" Green points and hisses.

Red stares. "An Eevee."

In the corner, the critter curls up against Green’s Eevee and Pikachu.

"Yes, I know that, but where did it come from?"

Red shrugs. Not his business. "Are you going to keep them?"


Green blinks. ...Wait. What. "Them?!"

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