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another fic dump (Sex Pistols, BBC Sherlock)

Where Home Is
PG | 435 | Yonekuni/Shirou (Sex Pistols) | romance? fluff? mpreg? my shame?
Written for [livejournal.com profile] ibfeemkaum, who's been asking for this pairing. My secret shame: it never ends.

Growing up, Shirou had always wanted a puppy, had even brought home a black shiba inu once, wrapped in a fluffy grey towel and shielded it from the rain. His auntie had looked at him with fond exasperation and sighed, let the puppy stay until the storm passed, and then helped him find the dog’s real owner.

After that, the owner had always let him come over and play with it until they moved away three years later, but Shirou had never gotten the chance to hold the puppy in his arms like that again.

Now, looking down at his first-born daughter, a snuffly little wolf pup lost in sanitary white hospital blankets and snuggling up against him, Shirou felt more like a new pet-owner than a newly-minted parent. He wondered if the feeling was the same for both, that that anxious terror-stricken knot at in his chest constricted with affection.

“Hello, Ran,” he whispered, brushing a finger down her jawline. The puppy squirmed a little in his arms and the edge of her tongue poked out, trying to lick his hand. Shirou grinned. “I’m your dad. You came out of me, huh. So weird…”

From the couch beside the bed, Yonekuni jostled. Shirou jumped and snapped out of his reverie, having momentarily forgotten that his husband was there. “Ah, sorry,” Shirou said, sheepish.

Yonekuni was staring at the puppy in his arms. “It’s so tiny,” he said, awkward and hesitant.

Panic caught in Shirou’s throat. What if – what if Yonekuni didn’t want her? What if he’d wanted a boy, what if he’d expected a snake or crocodile hatchling or something and that’s what he’d wanted, what if he suddenly realized he wasn’t ready for kids yet—

“I… I wouldn’t hurt it if I—”

Yonekuni was looking at him now, scared and unsure. Suddenly, whatever lingering doubt left in Shirou burst.

“Don’t be stupid,” Shirou said. “Despite her name, she’s not a fragile flower.” Yonekuni’s shoulders sagged with relief. “Now get over here and come hold your daughter.”

Yonekuni stood up and crossed the room in three wide strides, gingerly settling down on the hospital bed beside him. Shirou deposited the puppy in his arms, and Yonekuni pulled the bundle close, cradling it against his chest. Ran snuffed, unhappy to be disturbed at first, before cooing herself back to sleep.

“She smells like you, you know,” Yonekuni remarked after a few minutes, staring down at her with unmasked affection.

“Well, she is a dog—”

“No,” Yonekuni interrupted, dropping his head against Shirou’s collar and inhaling deeply. “She also smells like home.”

Sister Knows Best
PG | 200 | John Sherlock, Harry (BBC Sherlock) | (awful) humor
Written for [livejournal.com profile] misura, who did not ask for this travesty. Too bad. She still got it.

“I must say, quite a lovely place you’ve found yourself here,” Harry said, taking a good look glance around his flat.

“I’m not so sure about the company sometimes, though,” John remarked dryly.

“Oh come now,” Harry said. “Don’t be so hard on your boy.”

John choked on his tea.

“He’s not—”

“I’m your sister, John,” she said and patted him on the back twice. “I know these things.”

“Really, he’s not my—”

“It’s not like you to be so shy about these things. I’d say he’s quite handsome, if I were into men. Besides, I always knew you’d come to your right mind eventually and play for our team.”

John sputtered and nearly dropped his mug.

“John, where’s my head?” Sherlock yelled from the other room before John could attempt to correct her again.

Harry frowned. John rubbed his temple.

“Well, I suppose he could learn a bit more propriety.”

“No.” John sighed. “He means an actual head.” He turned back and yelled across the room. “It’s in your study, where you left it!”

John turned back around and smiled at his sister’s shock expression, feeling vindicated.

Then, a beat: “Can I see it, too?” she asked.
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oh my!!!!! *____________* the fist one is ADORABLE!!!!!!

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Love the Yonekuni/Shirou drabble. Aww their daughter sounds adorable!

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Teehee, I'm happy I know both these fandoms because your fics are great!

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OMG YOU WRITE BBC!SHERLOCK!?!?! haha, sorry, I just didn't know we shared this fandom (too). ;3; ♥

This was adorable and so domestic. John's sister needs to come by everyday and like, remind him of he actually wants or something.

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Aww, well I'm glad that I now have someone to squee with when season 2 gets going. ♥
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Sex Pistols fic exists? Adorable fic at that? This was really nice, I love it. ;w;
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